Thursday, March 12, 2015

Less Pinning, More Doing

Over at Joy's Hope she talks about less pinning and more doing. Actually taking those pins& crafty dreams and DOING them. Well, I have taken that advice and gone crazy... Moving is turning me into a crafting lunatic. I have made pillows,

Monday, March 3, 2014

i am not beyonce.

So you know that "inspirational" saying making its way around the interwebs right now?

"remember, you have the same amount of hours in a day as Beyonce"

Well it pisses me off. 
As of late I have been working. SO.MUCH. Last week I worked 51 hours in 6 days. Yes, Beyonce and I have the same amount of hours in a day, but what that silly so called motivational sentence doesn't say is that Beyonce has extensive help. A trainer who most likely comes to her home gym, a nanny, a maid, a chef, a personal assistant, a stylist, a makeup artist, a chauffeur. Most people don't have all that help. I certainly don't. That stay at home mother of three, the mom figuring out how to feed her kids tonight, the single dad working two jobs to support his children, the college student pulling an all nighter to keep their scholarship, the spouse who has an ill partner and is solo parenting? Those are the people in this world who inspire me to keep going. The people who are able to look past the pain and hard stuff and still keep on keeping on? Those are the people I think of when I am exhausted and feel like I am going to fall over. I don't think of Beyonce. Sorry, Beyonce.  

Even with good thoughts, and the momentum to go to work 6 days a week I do not feel as if I am doing enough. Recently I have been so worn out that I feel so unproductive. I make lists in my head of things that I am going to get done after work each night and let me tell you : I never check off the things on those lists. As long as we're telling secrets I suppose I should say that not only I have not blogged for two weeks, I also haven't been going to the gym as much as I want to. It's a miracle if I make it three times in one week. Which is disgusting to me. The thing is I don't hate working out anymore, nor am I at a loss for what to do once I get to the gym, but the problem is once I get home each night I am EXHAUSTED. Seriously. My days usually look like this: wake up, get ready, drive 30+ minutes to work depending on traffic, have major anxiety if there is traffic, get to work, spend 7 hours taking care of a tiny human---a human who does not prefer long naps lately, drive 40-60 minutes home in rush hour, and then clean the kitchen at home, do dishes, and make dinner. After that I can barely work up the gumption to shower, let alone go to the gym. And if you think my motivation for the gym has been bad? I cannot honestly tell you the last time I sat down at my sewing machine. Insert gasp here.  

I feel as if my life is all work and no play. Ha, and I consider play these days sewing and going to the gym. Feel free to laugh at me.  Between nannyinng and waitressing, I am shot physically, and mentally. Both my jobs are physically demanding and I am mentally drained every night of the week. So what is the solution? ---Because honestly I cannot keep up with the pace I am currently racing at, I feel like I am constantly moving at 100 MPH and I am going to crash at any moment. I am stressed and overworked and I am not sure what to do about it. Cutting back on hours at either of my jobs is not an option for me.

 I am not sure how to regain momentum in other areas of my life aside from work. I have plans long term to cut back on stress and fill in with relaxing activities, but what do I do while I am floundering short term? How do I insert joy and fun back into my daily routine without skimping the other responsibilities I have? Do you feel like you just can't cut it lately? You don't have enough energy for things you enjoy? Any ideas on how to create a better balance between  work and play? Any ideas on where I can find more energy for the things I love? Do you have a secret energy source in your fortress you'd be willing to share?

Saturday, February 15, 2014

food for thought.

I read this article tonight and COULD NOT wait to share it. This perfectly illustrates everything I wish I could articulate. In seventh grade boys would pants the girls in gym while we were running laps. That isn't okay, not ever. None of these things are.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

changing the way i take pictures.

Since May 2013, I have been working on a Project Life album. After seeing Elise Blaha-Cripe document her life in the past few years I have been following her blog I decided to try an document my first year after college graduation. I am about eight months into my album and it has completely changed the way I document my life.

In high school and most of college I took pictures on special occasions, and randomly. They all had one thing in common, they were of people looking at the camera, sometimes with that extended arm to capture cheek to cheek faces. While there are several hundred awesome pictures that I took this way I never took the time to take pictures of moment, and inanimate objects that reminded me of each day. Enter my iPhone. I was able to start taking pictures of everything that happened to me and of course I got addicted to the ever popular Instagram. IG was part of the impetus for Project Life, I loved seeing glimpses into so many people's different days, and how they documented them. That gave me an endless source of ideas and the desire to document things in a new light.

I love being able to remember the smallest things because of my photos.

{first Etsy sale being mailed,blue nails on grandma's vintage pillowcase}

 {broken ankle in summer: boot+birk}

 {buddy system, pegging in to win on Thanksgiving}

{lunch break reading, nightstand accumulations during an illness}

{soaking pink toes after a long shift}

 {the perfect tomato, rolling silverware}

 {the perfect sunset,the perfect sunny sidewalk chalk day}

 {morning Green Eggs and Ham}

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

a letter to me. at 16.

So in my car I rarely listen to the radio, after 7 years of radio listening I finally have a cd player in my car and probably 30 mix cds that are on constant rotation. I have a pretty varied collection of songs. On my way home from work last Saturday I heard Letter to Me by Brad Paisley, and it really hit me. My life has changed SO much since I was in high school. What would I go back and say to that girl?
{hours after turning 16}

Dear Elizabeth,

You are 16! You are getting your driver's license and have no idea how many errands are in your future. I know right now is a scary time. You think big things are happening, and THEY ARE, but you have no idea how much more is to come in the next couple of  years, hell, in the next eight years. Right now you are the most confused and conflicted you have ever been, but trust me you will get through it. You can do anything. You are strong, and brave. You are brokenhearted and lost, but it'll get better. People have faith in you! They do! You have been put into positions of leadership. Don't take them lightly, people look up to you and you need to continue to make good decisions.

Theater is keeping you alive right now, don't give up on it. You are talented. Don't be scared to be the weird girl. It's who you are. You are kind of strange, and that's okay. Make crazy faces, do weird dances, talk in funny voices. People will still like you,don't suppress that energy. All that weird stuff you do? It's your ticket to college, and a degree that will be the best decision of your life.

{me as Sandy in Grease at age 16}

You have some really awesome friends. Some of them will stay in your life forever, and some won't. That's okay. You all will have separate lives someday. Not every moment and story will be entangled with people you know. Appreciate these moments now because there will be very few other times that you will get to spend every spare moment with your best friends. Hang onto people you love. You have no idea how important some of these people are.

Oh, and that boy? He is TROUBLE. Just follow your heart and kick him to the curb. I know you love him, but he is not right for you. He only hurts you Elizabeth, you know in your heart of hearts that he is an absolute loser. He will never stop spreading rumors about you or playing games with your heart. You will find someone who holds your heart so much more carefully and loves you and only you.

You are a good girl. You are pretty mature for 16 and you will always be mature for your age. Mr. Lavine jokes that you were born as a 35 year old, and the truth is you are an old soul. You're not interested in a lot of stupid things that your peers are, and that is OKAY. You believe in your convictions, and you are not going to get caught up in hooking up and partying. Even in college you can choose not to have your college experience be a revolving door of red solo cups, and hangovers. You know that isn't for you. You can still go to parties, and have fun, but don't cave into that pressure. You know right from wrong, and you know that what is considered normal &fun for most teenagers, isn't right for you. The other thing is ( and this is tough for you) don't be too hard on others who don't share the same attitude about parties, drinking, and hooking up as you do. Just because people have different lifestyles than you do, doesn't make them wrong and you right. Be yourself. Don't change your morals to fit in. You'll find a niche wherever you go.

Follow your heart. Just do it. You have the best instincts and you know when something is wrong. Go with that gut feeling because it is NEVER wrong. You are a pretty damn cool girl, and you have no idea how AWESOME your life is right now, nor do you know how AMAZING life after high school will be.  Enjoy the simplicity of your life right now. It seems so complicated, but you have no idea what complicated even is.

Stay you,
Elizabeth (age 23)

Monday, January 27, 2014

stuck in a polar vortex.

Right now in Minnesota we are experiencing even colder weather than we are accustomed to in January.  Which is strange because Minnesota is known for it's frigid and long winters. However, it is ridiculously cold, at this exact moment it is -9F and it feels like -31F. Today was a the fourth day in January that most schools have been called off because of the cold and tomorrow is another cold day. Even though I am not in school the mom of the child I nanny for is a teacher. So I get a cold day tomorrow :) As much as I love my job and need the hours, I have a cold and totally need the sleep. But I digress, I keep seeing my MN friends post things about the polar vortex on Instagram and the comments {from non-Minnesotans} are so funny to me:  
" how do you even survive?" 
I have lived in Minnesota all my life so I don't even consider how hard it might  So I thought it'd be interesting to post a little round-up of what I consider to be my winter essentials.

My skin would NEVER survive the winter without Burt's Bees or Renew Skin Lotion. Both are irreplaceable during the winter. My Sorel boots are so so so the BEST purchase I have ever made. The past 5 or 6 winters I have spent in fake Ugg boots make me a little ashamed. I should have splurged and bought nice boots a long time ago. My Northface fleece zip is so obviously not a winter coat, but my wool coat is frankly a cheap and worn out one, so I rely on my fleece as a second layer until I can afford a better coat. My Northface is 4 years old and is still in good condition. Old Navy makes the best pajama pants, and on sale around Christmas time, the flannel ones are perfect for warm sleeping:) My mittens were a completely random purchase at a Co-op near my house. The are made out of an old sweater and lined with fleece and are simply the warmest things ever. {fun fact: mittens are warmer than gloves :)} The socks were also a splurge and bought on a whim at Whole Foods. They are soft and SUPER warm, and they money from purchasing them goes to help people, which is a total win in my book. The other thing that didn't make this list is a cozy cowl, both of the ones I own are homemade. 

So there you have it, my own little list of what I like nearby when the winter swoops into Minnesota. Come on over after the -35 degree weather leaves and we'll make a snowman, mmkay?

I was not paid or perked by any of these companies to provide my opinion. I am positive they have no idea who I am:)